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5600 Wilshire Now Leasing, But Smokers Are Warned

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And it's almost done: 5600 Wilshire, the original Asshat, is nearly complete and now boasting a big leasing sign, as well as an exterior art piece thing in the middle of the building. A nod to art deco? According to 5600 Wilshire's blog, studio apartment homes start at $2,127; one-bedrooms start at $2,572; and two-bedrooms start $3,063. All those prices that are a tad lower than next door neighbor The Viridian, another new rental (and so many more buildings are planned along this stretch of Wilshire). Curiously, 5600 Wilshire is also boasting a sign--it's in the back of the building--warning smokers not to light up within 50 yards because of methane gas. Also, good not to smoke because smoking is bad for you.
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