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Biden Likes Trains

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Presidential nominee Barack Obama's pick of Senator Joe Biden as a running mate prompted a sprinkling of weekend blogger chatter about Biden's love of public transportation. New Republic: "One final thought: I suspect we'll be hearing a lot about Biden's Amtrak commute. The image of the average guy, riding a train, is powerful. As a fan of trains and public transportation, that makes me even more pleased." And more via Gristmill:"...Biden, who commutes roundtrip from Delaware to D.C. each workday on Amtrak, has long promoted the national rail system. He was named "Champion of the Rails" by Amtrak in 2001, and the American Passenger Rail Coalition presented him with a "Rail Leadership Award" in 2002." And if Obama wins, rumor is that he'll name Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer as the head of the Department of Transportation, so we'll all get subways, trains, and streetcars in Los Angeles tout suite! Dream a little dream.