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Week In Review: Affordable Housing Run, Silver Lake Development, Burbank New, Santa Monica Garages, Flies!

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1) HOLLYWOOD: Taking a break from covering all those multi-million dollar condos, we featured a handful of affordable developments that are either planned or under construction: Villas At Gower and the Mariposa Apartments.

2) WEST HOLLYWOOD: Wow, it really was a run on affordable housing coverage. Architecture firm Tigh's new development is under construction, but one blog seems concerned about all the traffic that'll be caused by people in wheelchairs. C'mon!

3) SILVER LAKE: It's looks like something out of a Gorillaz video. Check out that latest mixed-use development planned for Silver Lake; it'll be a wee bit taller than the other projects currently up in the neighborhood.

4) BURBANK: A crowd of people gathered to meet the Leo A Daly-designed Burbank Community Services Building. Welcome to the neighborhood, new building.

5) SANTA MONICA: Nice use of a parking garage: Santa Monica's design board approved designs for the new Santa Monica garages.

6) LOS ANGELES: No city story is ever too small--and there was a post about all the chatter about an increase in flies in the city--and everyone agreed: More flies sighted recently. Normal seasonal issue or fly overload?