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Oil Pumps: The New Symbol of LA?

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You've certainly seen those big oil pumps and drums in South LA or Beverly Hills, but how about a nice barrel in the Historic Core? Maybe—this fall, LA County officials will decide on whether to radically expand oil drilling in LA, reports NPR. Texas' PXP Corporation wants to tap as many as 50 new or existing wells a year for the next 20 years. "What we have is a world class oil field sitting below a world class city," says a PXP executive (most likely rubbing his hands and clacking his boots together). LA is one of the richest oil regions in the world, but only a third of the area's black gold has been recovered; 18 billion barrels remain available. Residents are worried about the push for more drilling, saying it's a cancer-causer. Says Angeleno Bernard Rollins, "Everyone is in a panic because prices are going up, but I don't think resurrecting these wells is the answer. I'm hoping that people start to stand up and say, 'Look, oil is over.'" (Pictured: an LA-area pump from Soul Pusher via flickr)
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