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Downtown Kids Invite You To "Do Time"

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The happy smiling faces of children are now livening up one of those ugly construction fences Downtown. The children are inviting Angelenos to "Do Time." Is the construction activity for a new school? A library? Try a new jail. Yes, the faces of kids with the slogan "Do Time" are covering the construction fences around LA's new metro jail adjacent to Parker Center. The mural on the fences was created by LA's Best to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the program designed to keep kids safe. The Mayor and Police Chief Bratton joined little kids who didn't know any better to paint the mural. Earlier this year, we discussed the new jail in a Rumblings & Bumblings. "The 'new jail' by Parker Center (replacing the one now in Parker Center) is just for people being held before and after trials, court appearances, etc.; short term hold cells as opposed to jails where prisoners serve their sentences." No wonder the kids look so happy!
· LA's BEst Mural Projects [LA's Best]

Parker Center

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