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New East Hollywood Development Will Have Police Substation

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Even more affordable housing for Hollywood: Mariposa Apartments, a 56-unit affordable housing development currently going up at 5030 Santa Monica Boulevard will be done by March 2009, and offer 58 apartments, a police substation, a commercial laundry room, and an office of the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation. The police substation will be a room where police officers can file paperwork, for instance, or hang out. Police substations in LA apartments are by no means a new idea, Richard Barron, the project architect tells us; the general feeling is that having police officers in the area could deter crime, he explains. According to the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council's official web site, "new LAPD substation will be shared by officers from the Rampart, Northeast and Hollywood divisions, the three police stations that serve East Hollywood, and whose boundaries all converge nearby at Santa Monica and Normandie." And hey, the police can all do their laundry together.
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