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EaterTastings: Hollywood Happenings, Apple Opening in Weho, Pussycat Dolls Coming Soon

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

[Mission Cantina Sneak Peek via Eater LA]

HOLLYWOOD: Lots of change a-brewing in H-wood, with a new "rock n roll" hot dog place (it's like someone read Jonathan Gold's innermost desires), a burger and bar concept in the space currently occupied by Karma Coffeehouse, and an NoHo spawn from sports bar Big Wang's.

HOLLYWOOD: The Mission Cantina opens tonight next door to George Abou-Daoud's other bar and restaurant, The Delancey. For those keeping score at home, that's his third bar in the neighborhood, with the Bowery a few blocks west. Expect an extensive tequila list.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Also opening tonight, Apple restaurant. The restaurant comprises one-third of a new complex that was formerly Pearl on Robertson. Upcoming: Apple Lounge and -yes! - a Pussycat Dolls Lounge.