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Reader Rant: Trash Cans In My Parking Spot

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The plight of the young on-street parker. Who will answer their cry for help? "Curbed, do you know if there's any kind of law in the city about people putting their trash cans on the street in front of their house? I'm a renter in an area with mostly street parking that frequently fills up on evenings. On Thursday nights before the Friday morning garbage pickup, homeowners start putting their trash cans all over the street, willy-nilly. Basically, the available parking spots are cut in half - taken up by trash cans and blue bins. Why can't homeowners be required to put the trash cans in front of their driveways OR at least in the red zones? IS there a law about this somewhere? A minor annoyance but I had to circle around last night for 30 minutes looking for a spot."
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