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CurbedWire: View from BCAM, More Glendale Sales News

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MID-WILSHIRE: This is the view from BCAM, looking north. Per Flickr user ZOTA; we're fairly certain this is the second phase of construction at LACMA's Transformations. Via the press release: "Phase II of the Transformation, which includes new special exhibition space and the redesign and refurbishment of LACMA West." [Flickr]

GLENDALE: How else are condo sales faring in good old Glendale, home to Americana at Brand? An update on Hudson On Adams Hill, near the mall/development: Per the development, sold 17 in the 14 months of being on the market and project is about 18-0 weeks away from being FHA. They released their second bunch (10-15 units) of condos in March. [Curbed Staff]

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