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What It Sold For: Smurfy in Redondo Beach

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What It Sold For is our look at for-sale properties previously featured on Curbed and what they actually sold for.

In January 2007, we featured the above Smurfy little shack in Redondo Beach as part of a Curbed PriceSpotter. The 784 square foot, 2BD, 1 BA home is located in north Redondo, on a petite 3,240 sq. ft lot. Guesses ranged between $525k and $1.2 million (remember this was 2007). The Big Reveal identified the listing price as $549,500.
According to PropertyShark, the blue home at 1922 Condon Avenue sold on April 19, 2007 for a total of $525,000. That's a price per sq. ft. of $669.64, and $24,500 below the original listing price.