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Carlos Diniz Exhibit: Los Angeles Rendered

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Edward Cella Art + Architecture in Santa Barbara is running an exhibit of the works of Carlos Diniz. Mr. Diniz is renowned, at least locally, for his hand drawn renderings of buildings that were proposed for development around Southern California - some were built (the Century Plaza Hotel, 1962, above right) and some were not (Grand Avenue Competition, 1980, above left). Via the presser: "Organized by historian Nicholas Olsberg, the exhibition documents how Diniz was envisioned large- scale projects throughout Southern California that progressively transformed the scale, the texture and the character of the postindustrial city of Los Angeles and its suburbs." The exhibit runs through September 28th.
· Visualizing a New Los Angeles: Architectural Renderings of Carlos Diniz, 1962-1992. [Santa Barbara Independent]

Century Plaza Hotel

2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067 Visit Website