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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: A Safer Mar Vista Gardens

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Thank you for your helpful comments this week. Readers are welcome to submit new questions for next week at this time to We will post them on Tuesday.

1) Del Rey: Not too much to report from Mar Vista Gardens public housing project, which is fantastic news. Through the City's crime stats, we looked back to May and found only one week with any significant numbers of crimes - mostly related to auto thefts (map above). Other than that things appear peaceful. When we drove by, the place was securely gated up so there was no chance of driving through. Several articles online, including one from Dennis Romero in LA City Beat (11/2003), described the eviction of the Culver City Boyz gang and the zero-tolerance policy toward crime, which evicted entire families from their homes if one member of the family committed a crime within three blocks of the public housing complex. LA's Capital Improvement Report, for projects through 2012, identifies a $3.051 million investment in a childcare center at the Mar Vista Gardens Recreation Center, with work commencing July 2009.