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CurbedWire: Echo Park Leased Up, 655 Hope Move-Ins

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ECHO PARK: Not sure when it happened, but that mustard-yellow building on Sunset is now all leased up (or so a sign indicates). Readers will recall the developer was trying to sell the units, and then trying to lease them. Looks like he succeeded. When we visited in January, the 16-unit building was offering three-bedrooms ranging from $2,500-$2,700/month. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: A check in call to the sales office at 655 Hope, that downtown adaptive re-use project didn't get far: No new word on sales information. (Last official word: 20 percent sold.) But we are told that move-ins will happen in October. Also, the people at the sales office hate Curbed. Sorry. [Curbed Staff]