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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 3: "It's Ego Beach"

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It's the third episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. Will Chad Rogers stare at himself in the mirror and fix his hair? Will Madison Hildebrand declare his ability to love both men and women? Will Josh Flagg move further down the road to criminality? All of our answers in another hour of time we'll all regret losing.

For this episode, Chad Rogers' newest client is Suzan Hughes, the ex-wife of Herbalife founder Mark Hughes. Chad is tasked with getting Suzan a rental on the beach in Malibu, preferably in the Colony, with waves for her surfing child. Chad says he'll get Suzan the best deal that he can and Suzan appears... pleased? angry? ecstatic? sleepy? Her face has long ago lost the ability to convey emotion, so we'll go with "hopeful." He eventually stumbles upon a beachside rental for $75k/month thanks to a completely random *cough* FAKE *cough* run-in with another realtor who just happens to have a listing. Suzan seems thrilled judging by the squeal from her face hole.

Josh Flagg gets another doctor client, Dr. Gershman, a urologist, whose web site features a testimonial from Frank Sinatra, Jr. Dr. Gershman and his family need a new home, mostly because his precocious daughter needs a bigger room. In a classic Josh Flagg moment, he breaks the law by trespassing onto a locked up property. The 6,630 sq. ft, 5 BD, 8 BA home in Beverly Hills is actually owned by a criminal currently in prison and is being sold by the government. After some off-screen negotiations with the Feds, Josh is able to get Dr. Gershman the home for $4.515 million, a relative steal based on the original listing price of $5.3 million.
Madison Hildebrand's newest Malibu listing is also a homecoming. He used to live in the home with his brother while they were in school. The multi-level home has too many stairs which dissuades many buyers. Madison is given 60 days to sell the house at $2.795 million. The house fails to sell at the asking price, so Madison lowers the asking price to $2.722 million. The idea is to trick other agents into thinking the home had a previous offer and the price was reduced to meet that offer, but the offer fell through. Apparently other agents fall for these sorts of shenanigans. That Madison may be boring, but he's no dummy. No sale by the end of the episode.

Josh Flagg: Buys $8,709 worth of clothes at the beginning of the episode.

Madison Hildebrand: Begins interviewing candidates to replace his last assistant, the single mother, who left for a better life. He hires Ashley, who claims to be very organized.

Chad Rogers: Celebrates the one-year anniversary with his girlfriend Victoria by going to Palm Springs and buying her a ring that looks like a crumpled butterfly. Giving it to her, he describes it thusly: "It's like 1920's... 30's. It's old." He then invites her to move in with him.

Chad Rogers: "Some people like to do yoga. I like to go shopping for shoes."

Chad Rogers: "...and even though agents are arch-rivals, they still need to find a way to work together in order to get the deal done."

Madison Hildebrand: He's hanging out with another realtor named Jessica at Social in Hollywood. Would that be Curbed Broker Babe 2007, Jessica Blafer? We can't tell, but we think it is! We luv u Jessica!

Madison Hildebrand: If you missed the speech the first two episodes, Madison repeats his bi-line yet again. "Sexuality is an open thing for me, and I'm open to both men or women in a relationship." We hear that if you say it three times, it becomes true.

Madison Hildebrand: In one of the douchebaggiest moves ever captured on film, Madison totally humiliates his male date.

Date:"Will I see you again"
Madison: "I dunno if we clicked, to be honest. Did you feel it?"
Date: Incredulously, "Yeah?... I did"
Madison: "Oh"
Date: "You didn't?"
Madison: "I don't think so... No."
Date: "Oh wow... Honesty hurts."