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ListingsWire: Palms Flashback, Echo Park Chop, Woodland Hills Spec

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Each week ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

PALMS: Let us pause and take one look at what's no longer on the MLS. This Palms house, listed at $1.050 million, was featured back on the site in April: naturally, everyone was outraged at the price. Common sentiment: "1 million for this house ? Yeah, maybe if it were in Silver Lake or Los Feliz." A local real estate agent informs us the house sold for $1,015,000 in June. [Curbed InBox]

ECHO PARK: Prices are coming down fast at Allesandro Palms, that townhouse development on Allesandro. There are three units left; prices started at $729,000; two of the units are currently down to $599,500. [Redfin]

WOODLAND HILLS: There's quite the opportunity for someone interested in a very very grand spec home in the Valley. A developer has erected a 6,700 square foot home at 23340 Hatteras Street. It looks like the original home--which sold in May 2007 for about $1 million--was torn down. This new home is listed for $3.4 million. The land looks pretty. [Official Site]
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