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Venice Wants Its Music: Neighborhood Council Backs Concerts

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Despite concerns from residents along Windward Avenue about a proposed concert series in Venice, last night the Venice Neighborhood Council voted to support a four-concert series pilot program--two concerts will be held in September, and two in October-- near the boardwalk. As previously noted, some residents had opposed the concerts, and expressed concerns about noise, parking, and crowds. (Actress Anjelica Huston was one of those reportedly fighting the concerts.) Earlier this month, series promoter Michael Schuman argued his case before the Arts and Ocean Walk committees of the VNC but the handful of people who spoke out against the series at that meeting apparently skipped last night's VNC event. Which seems odd given that some residents of Windward Avenue (again, reportedly Huston), initially hired a lawyer to argue against the project.

"No members of the public spoke in opposition to allowing the concerts," writes a resident who attended last night's meeting. "Although the LAPD officer representing the Venice beach detail expressed concerns about crowd control and parking, saying there could be as many as 5,000 attending the free concerts. Concert promoter Micky Schuman disputed that figure, saying he expected a much lower figure. Schuman also said measures would be in place to address concerns about noise, parking, and security."

As previously noted, it's our understanding that the proposed series still has to go through other city channels. UPDATE: A spokesperson for City Councilman's Bill Rosendahl's office tells us that the matter goes on to the city's Recs and Parks Department for final approval. UPDATE 2: The spokesperson adds that the Recs and Park Department had previously indicated they would approve the concerts series if the VNC supported the series.
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