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Belmont Station, Part II: Tubs and Two Month Specials

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Following a look at that old tunnel/new dog park at apartment complex Belmont Station, here's a look at the units themselves. On the upside, there's the proximity to the Vista Hermosa Park, and the units were very quiet inside. On the downside: Stumpy bathtubs, and a pretty grim homeless scene going on across the street (homeless people sleep/hang out under the bridge; it's sad). Units range from 527 square feet- 1,820 square feet, while being a pioneering new resident of Second St. will cost you $1,610-$4,300/month. Of the 275 units, about 100 are leased, according to a rep at the sales office (the office opened "a couple of months ago."). There's a two month free rent special going on--it ends Sunday.
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