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Week in Review: Earthquake! Lautner in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood's House of Blues, Selma Boutique, Hey, Taxi!

As this Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

DOWNTOWN: There was an EARTHQUAKE. Downtown offices emptied, construction workers gathered outside the El Dorado project on Spring Street, and office tile fell in Yorba Linda.

BEVERLY HILLS: A pictorial/tour of Lautner's 1982 Schwimmer Residence in Beverly Hills, all part of the Hammer Musuem/MAK Lautner bonanza.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Renderings emerged of the proposed project for Sunset and Olive Drive that would replace the House of Blues club.

HOLLYWOOD: And the hotel construction continues. Meet the monkey hotel aka the Selma boutique hotel on Selma Avenue.

DOWNTOWN: You can now hail a cab in both downtown and parts of Hollywood. The new test pilot program called for a test run.