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Hollywood's La Serenata Gets Weekend PriceChop

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Say hola to La Serenata at 1325 North Sycamore Avenue (right above Fountain), a new Spanish-inspired 10-unit development that recently opened for sales. Last weekend saw a special on prices: The units, all 2,200 square feet, were cut from $995,000 to $899,000 or $945,000. On the upside, the townhomes felt more like actual homes than some other townhomes we've seen, and check out that nice roof space--you can pretend its Morocco. And random snippet off the developer's note on the web site: "Don't forget your private garage. Two side by side with direct access upstairs. Very large. We don't want to exaggerate but you could fit two Hummers in your garage. Or 4 hybrids." Or 6 ponies or 24 Schwinns!
· La Serenata Townhomes [Official Site]