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New To Market: Architect Roger Kurath in Mar Vista

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"This is a house (and architect) you should know about," writes a reader, sending in this listing for a Mar Vista home designed by architect Roger Kurath, the Swiss-born founder of Culver City firm Design 21. Kurath's name may ring a bell because of a recent Dwell article that looked at his work on a Culver City home. The story was memorable because Kurath's client, a building advisor for Santa Monica, invested so much in the home that he ultimately couldn't afford to live in it. Renting out the place to a friend to use as an office, the guy lives in a bungalow on the property and uses the 1,700 square foot home on nights and weekends. But that's a different Kurath home, and this one is listed at $2.395 million.
· 3457 Moore Street [Value of Architecture]
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