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Downtown's Factory Place Lofts Dogs Will Bite You

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At some point in the last couple of weeks, "Beware of Dog" signs went up at Factory Place Lofts that under-construction site along 6th Street (the nearby building is also confusingly called Factory Place; it's all the same owner). The site has had some break-ins, the project's security officer told us last night, noting thieves are going after the tools and construction materials. Ahh, but more construction dogs? Everyone remembers the worrisome tale of Gansevoort Dog, the leather harness-wearing dog guarding that 9th and Grand plot. These dogs are well cared for, according to the officer. Their names are Jack and Sophie; one is a mutt and one is a German Shepard (unclear which is which). "I was just playing with them," said the guard. Then his tone changed, and he warned: "If you jump over [the fence], they'll bite you."
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