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Craigslist Check: How Do You Feel About Bamboo?

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Do you love bamboo? Do you?? If so—but only if you really do—does Craigslist have an apartment for you. Writes poster Marquis about the $1,425 Palms one-bedroom: "Look out your living room windows and you’ll see a wall of bamboo along the slate paths enclosing your courtyard. This apartment has a lot of windows which means a lot of bamboo... Sure, you can close your wood window blinds if you wanna, but bamboo will still be with you. Say hello to bamboo wood floors. Entryway, living room, dining room, and even the kitchen have bamboo wood floors... All the kitchen countertops are granite, but only because we couldn’t figure out how to install bamboo counters." Marquis: snarky or sincere?
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