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What's Up With That: Vineyard Is Growing Near Hollywood Sign

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Is this just an elaborate movie promotion or something a little more fruity? Is someone conducting enological experiments above the Lake Hollywood Estates? And more importantly, why haven't we been invited to the grape crushing? A reader writes in: "Maybe your readers would know more about the vineyard — as in vines with grapes — that has been planted on a hill above the Lake Hollywood Estates area. It’s not just a trellis in somebody’s backyard but a whole hill right near the Hollywood sign that has been professionally planted and irrigated like something in Napa Valley. Its probably a couple acres worth which would probably make many cases of fine wine, Hollywood Hills AOC. My friend lives nearby on Lake Hollywood Drive and you can see the vineyard from there. Recently, we noticed a big new plot had been planted. He says he sees teams of workers going in and pruning. Who owns this? What are they planning to do with the grapes? And how do they access them? And where can I buy a bottle of the wine?" Hmm, wine made in Hollywood. Detecting naked ambition on the nose, a hint of yoga-derived sweat in the structure, maybe some nutmeg, heavy tannins, and a smooth (talking) finish.
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