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CurbedWire: Roosevelt Sales Info, Marmol Radziner Prefab Gets Prefab Plants

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DOWNTOWN: A couple of readers have wondered how the 222-unit Roosevelt, that adaptive re-use at 727 West 7th Street, is faring in terms of sales. Move-ins were supposed to happen in July. Then they were supposed to happen in August. Here's what the sales manager told us: "110 units are in escrow...We have released about 3/4 of the units...Move-ins and closings for floors 3-8 will happen end of September. The penthouse and remaining units are set to close in the middle end of October,move-ins for those first of November." [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: We hear that that Marmol Radziner prefab home in Venice got its garden in--and it seemingly arrived overnight. Yes, it's a prefab garden. Writes blogger AtHomeAtHome: "Thought it would have been a more native looking garden, but with all those windows it looks like they wanted privacy. In any case, it doesn't look so out of place anymore." Photo after jump. UPDATE: Per comments, it's not clear if the plants are in. [Curbed InBox]

Via AtHomeAtHome