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New To Market: Pre-War on Rossmore Avenue

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We have a soft spot for the grand old apartment buildings on Rossmore in Hancock Park in Country Club Manor. But we're just not used to seeing them described as "pre-war" on this coast. And we don't recall too many pre-war buildings on that other coast featuring ionic columns around a courtyard fountain. What city are we in again? This three-bedroom, two-bath condo features 24-hour valet and security, a decorative fireplace, and vaulted ceilings. It also is staged (by a silk- and chenille-loving decorator) and "priced to sell." At least it's spitting distance from the greatest sandwiches in Los Angeles. Surely that makes it worth its $1.37 million asking price.
· 316 N Rossmore Ave #606 Los Angeles, CA 90004 [Redfin]
· 316 N Rossmore Ave #606 Los Angeles, CA 90004 [Official Site]