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Adventures In Flipping: Mt. Washington House of Worship

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There but for the grace of god goes this flip. One of the more unusual listings found on the MLS, this two-bedroom, two-bath was cobbled out of the disassembled parts of a Glendale church. Yup, a church. The owners dismantled the church, recited a Hail Mary, and reassembled its parts in a home in the hills of Mt. Washington. In addition to the stained glass windows (the brokers claims it dates back to the 15th century), the house also features a "wine cellar, library loft, and [it's[ prewire[d] for sound/network." While the description calls it "priceless," the current owners bought the house in March 2007 for $400,000. Today's asking price: $875,000. At times like this, we must look deep within ourselves and ask, "What would Jesus pay?"
· 545 W Avenue 46 Los Angeles, CA 90065 [Redfin]