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Check Ebay for your tires

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Can't be sure if these two gentlemen are behind that recent rash of car break-ins at Lofts at NoHo Commons in North Hollywood and Addison Place in Sherman Oaks, but it sure looks like it: Two thieves in the Valley have been busted for stealing "hundreds of tires and rims off newer model luxury vehicles" and reselling the goods on Craigslist (eventually, the tires were also re-sold on Ebay). More via MSNBC: "The District Attorney's office filed 18 counts of burglary and grand theft against Vasiliy Polyak, 18, and Arsen Ovsepyan, 20, a week ago, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement." According to MSNBC, the pair also hit up Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica. [MSNBC]