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Old Timey LA, For Reals: An Overhead View

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The Synthetrix blog links up to the fascinating Historic Aerials web site. The site allows users to view aerials of the same site from multiple points in time. For Downtown, we took a look at Bunker Hill from 1948, 1972, 1980 and 2005. The jump from1948 to 1972 leaves downtown almost unrecognizable except for a few landmarks like the Central Library. By 1972, the 110 freeway pops up on the northwest side of downtown and along with it a host of skyscrapers. By 1980, Bunker Hill continues to fill in with the Bonaventure Hotel replacing a big parking lot and finally by 2005 the Library Tower and Citibank Tower dominate the north side of 5th Street. Another time waster brought to you by your friend, The Internet.
· Aerial Time Machine [Synthetrix]