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BIG Biscuit Lofts Deal: Nicolas Cage Spotted At $5 Million Downtown Penthouse

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Holy shiznuts! A source says that Nicolas Cage is moving to the $4.9 million penthouse in downtown’s Biscuit Company Lofts. About six weeks ago, Curbed and a friend happened to spot Cage entering the building on Industrial Street, presumably to tour the property (the actor had previously been spotted looking at the loft), and as of this week, the 3,500-square-foot penthouse had been removed from the MLS. Citing a confidentially agreement regarding the transaction, Billy Rose, the listing agent, said he couldn’t confirm or deny the news, and Linear City's Paul Solomon (the building's developer), didn’t return emails. So it's not clear yet if Cage definitely bought the penthouse, a unit that soccer player David Beckham may have looked at, too. Meanwhile, this section of downtown has been coined as the next Tribeca by one hopeful Curbed reader, while less than enthused readers have noted it's "Tijuana on 3 blocks within spitting distance of this building." UPDATED.
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