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Week in Review: Wilshire Corridor, Smart Cars in LA, Doughboys Debacle, More

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1) WILSHIRE CORRIDOR: This week we took a very in depth look at the construction and development along the Golden Mile. We saw the Carlyle, Belmont Village, Beverly West and Toronto's most stylishly dressed man about town, Ashton Westwood.

2) LOS ANGELES: The debate over how to park a Smart Car resulted in the determination that no, you cannot park your car perpendicular to the curb.

3) BEVERLY GROVE: How dysfunctional is our city government in its treatment of small businesses? Judging by the case of Doughboys on 3rd Street, very.

4) FAIRCREST HEIGHTS: A Spanish style home new to market leads to questions over affordability and the definition of a starter home.

5) WESTSIDE: Episode 2 of Million Dollar Listing, and Chad Rogers' hair continues to be the camera's obsession. Is he a walking olive? Is there a customized bowl for that cut?

6) SOUTH LA: The saga of the Expo Line's at-grade crossings continues. Apparently, the crossing at Dorsey High School may not pass unless it goes under or over, or by closing off Farmdale.