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On The Racked: Downtown Pop Up, CB2 To Open at 8000 Sunset?, West 3rd Street Closings

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The latest store info and sidewalk scenes from street-obsessed Racked LA, the newest member of the Curbed family.

DOWNTOWN: Downtown retailer Upper Playground is debuting a pop-up store next month that features a collaboration between artists Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon and upcoming Pacino/De Niro film Righteous Kill. The space will be a mixture of movie posters and screens displaying Oriol/Cartoon chosen scenes from Righteous Kill, as well as t-shirts.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Those rumors of a Cheesecake Factory moving into the former Virgin space at 8000 Sunset seems to be dispelled. Latest rumor: lower-priced furniture line CB2 (from Crate & Barrel) is looking to lease the space.

BEVERLY GROVE: Shopping strip West 3rd Street is facing tough times. The combined effect of high rents, tough parking, and inflation are taking their toll on two boutiques that announced they were closing this week. Say goodbye to Danmark and Meg.

8000 Sunset

8000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA