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Curbed National: Let Me See Your Tootsie Roll

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Let us now take a very visual look at the latest architecture and design news as revealed on our sister blogs, Curbed NYC and Curbed SF, this week.

1) New York: The High Line is sparking some creative thinking in the development community, including the above rendered 189-unit +Art condo development. They even rendered the koi in the koi pond. [photo gallery]

2) San Francisco: Ooh, a Civic Center turnaround. Curbed SF looks at the very yellow, sort of schizophrenic, 1390 Mission Street from Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz architects and Kodama Diseno. [photo gallery]

3) New York: Is there any way to introduce the Biscuit Lofts to the Chocolate Factory? SoHo's former Tootsie Roll factory is being converted to 29 tasty lofts by architects Beyhan Karahan & Associates. [photo gallery]