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Along the Wilshire Corridor: 1200 Club View Wilshire Comstock Beverly West

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This week we're taking a look at the construction along the Wilshire Corridor, between the 405 Freeway and Los Angeles Country Club. We'll refrain from calling this stretch the Golden Mile, as we can't handle the abuse from the comments. Yesterday, we looked at Belmont Village.

After three name changes, we think we have a winner. The former 1200 Club View project from Fifield Cos. was sold to Dubai developer, Emaar, in September 2007 for $95.4 million. Emaar-owned John Laing Homes Luxury division was touted as taking over the construction of the project. However, neither Emaar nor John Laing Homes feature the tower on their respective web sites, but Fifield still does. Keating-Khang, of Pasadena, continue to be the architects behind the 21-story, 35-unit luxury condo tower which we are told is now dubbed the Beverly West Condominiums. The high-rise project includes views of the nearby Los Angeles Country Club. Per the Keating-Khang (pron. KONG) web site "...each unit can face to the east where both the lower 18 and the upper 18 hole courses of the Los Angeles country club are immediately adjacent and create an extensive landscaped view." No pricing as of yet, although we are checking with John Laing Luxury. Completion is scheduled for late-2009.

Beverly West

1200 Club View Dr., Los Angeles, CA