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Along the Wilshire Corridor: Belmont Village

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This week we're taking a look at the construction along the Wilshire Corridor, between the 405 Freeway and Los Angeles Country Club. We'll refrain from calling this stretch the Golden Mile, as we can't handle the abuse from the comments. Yesterday, we looked at the The Ashton Wilshire.

The elderly and physically infirm - i.e. the oldies - should not be denied the pleasure of living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in LA. Belmont Village, a new senior living facility, located between Warner Avenue and Holmby Avenue, is proposed to provide 172 units (118 assisted living units and 54 independent living units), per the project approval letter. The new building, like yesterday's Ashton Westwood, will rise only six stories. As an indignant commenter noted yesterday, all of you criticizing the height should know that the Westwood Specific Plan only allows six stories and that the other tall buildings being built were grandfathered in... blah, blah, blah. The architect for the project is identified as RNL Design, a multi-national architecture, engineering and planning firm with offices in Denver, LA, Phoenix and Dubai. Opening of the Belmont Village is scheduled for Summer 2009.