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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Vermont Avenue Retail & Backup

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Thank you for your helpful comments this week. Readers are welcome to submit new questions for next week at this time to We will post them on Tuesday.

1) North University Park: The property on the west side of Vermont, at the northwest corner of Vermont and 28th has the beginnings of a foundation and a sign for "Stores." The building permit for the construction of a two-story building with retail and office uses expired in May. There has been no activity since. The big woody construction across the street is described only as a new commercial construction. It's likely that leasing of the property's storefronts hasn't even begun yet.

2) Pico-Union: Several commenters suggested the reason for the backup at the Vermont Avenue strip mall was Park's BBQ, a popular Korean restaurant. But that restaurant is located north of Olympic. We're talking south of Olympic. The guess about a Salvadorean Bank seems more valid, but again nobody has a definitive answer.