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Why Buy a Home When You Can Buy a Whole Town?

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Ever dream of escaping city life for more rural environs? Who hasn't? And wouldn't it be awesome if those rural environs came with a private lake, its own post office and maybe a leased cell tower or three? Yeah, that would be pretty rad.

With that in mind, we stumbled across this Craigslist posting for a town. Yes, a town for sale. For just $2.5 million (less than a McMansion in Sherman Oaks!), you can buy the town of Angelus: "Drive through pine-studded valleys along scenic country highways and come to Angelus Oaks, California, where you will enjoy acres of lush, green hillsides, sweeping mountain views, warm sunshine and the warmth of a bygone era.... If you wish to reconnect with nature, take hikes along the scenic trails, go fishing, skiing, or simply to get away, Angelus Oaks welcomes you with open arms. Many who come here seek to gather themselves, to find out who they really are." Yes, buy the town to commune with nature, find spiritual bliss and rule the 289 residents with an iron fist.
$2500000 / 12000ft² - Rare opportunity to buy your own town in California [Craigslist]