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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 2: "That's What Ron Richards Wants"

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We had high hopes for last night's Million Dollar Listing after the mediocre opening last week. Would Chad Rogers touch his hair again? Would Madison's spirit be crushed, only to have his faith in real estate restored by episode's end? Would Bravo's cameras travel back in time again to catch Josh Flagg's reaction to the death of someone else who died in 2006?

This episode we follow Chad Rogers as he lists two condos in Sierra Towers for high powered attorney, Ronald Richards. Via Ronald Richard's web site: "Ronald Richards was voted by his colleagues as one of the lawyers they would hire if they got charged with a crime." Also, you must always say his first and last name when referring to Ronald Richards. It's the law.

Chad lists Ronald Richards' exclusive Sierra Towers condos: a one-bedroom, 1,800 sq. ft condo with City views to the south for $2.3 million; and Ronald Richards' two-bedroom, 2,300 sq. ft condo with views of the Hollywood Hills to the north for $3.8 million.

Coincidentally, Josh Flagg's sole client, dentist and close friend Dr. Sam (appearing in his douchebaggiest shirt) wants a unit in the Sierra Towers, home to such luminaries as Cher, Lindsay Lohan and Elton John. Josh reaches out to Chad to set up a showing, and does that creepy spider fingers thing on the phone while talking to Chad - nobody does that in real life. Chad's client, Ronald Richards, will not allow Josh into his apartments due to previous bad dealings - smart move. Dr. Sam appears to pass on the one-bedroom condo, and it remains unsold by episodes end.

Madison thankfully had limited screen time in this episode. He is somewhat lacking in the charisma department. After a few nibbles, he sells the listing that he received at the end of the last episode to Jeremy, a Pepperdine student, for something north of $4.4 million. We zone out when Madison is on screen so we have no idea what the final price actually was.


Chad Rogers: "That's what Ronald Richards wants, and what Ron Richards wants, Ronald Richards gets."

Chad Rogers: "...its a little extreme, but that's just how Ronald Richards works."

Chad Rogers: "When Ronald Richards says jump, you jump."

Chad Rogers: He has a very dysfunctional relationship with his dad, explained in a very uncomfortable dinner scene where Chad resembles a six year old eating at the adult's table.

Madison Hildebrand: He sells the Malibu Murphy Way property to a Pepperdine student looking for a place to live for him and his friends.

Chad Rogers: He communicates with the Mexican maid Olga in a slowly enunciated, hand waving speech about the importance of making the open house perfect because his boss, Rick Hilton, "Paris' dad", is coming.

Josh Flagg: Goes to a masquerade party at episode's end with Dr. Sam at his friend "Jason's" home. The unseen Jason is presumably the Gummi Bear. Although not visible, his presence is felt.