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CurbedWire: Psychics in Hancock Park, Palihouse in Venice

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[Psychic sign via Curbed flickr pool member cinemafia]

HANCOCK PARK: First come the psychics, then the palm readers, and finally the check cashing stores. There's no turning back, Hancock Park. "I don't have a photo, but if one of your people is driving through the mansion infested area of Hancock Park (right name?), they might want to check out Beverly Blvd, about two blocks east of La Brea. The house on the north west corner has put up a "Psychic Readings" sign in the yard. The neighbors must be outraged." [Curbed Inbox]

VENICE: Avi Brosch's Palisades Development empire continues to expand across LA. Speaking with Bob Howard of, Brosch announces yet another Palihouse hotel in the works, this one for Venice. However, it appears to be in its infant stages: "...the development schedule for the Palihouse Venice has yet to be determined." The Palihouse Venice project will be located at the intersection of Main and Abbot Kinney, according to the Palihouse web site. []