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SCI-Arc's Blobwall Replaced by Voussoir Cloud

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If you missed the blobby excitement of the Blobwall installation at SCI-Arc, we urge you to visit the Voussoir Cloud formation now located in SCI-Arc Gallery before it collapses in on itself from the weight of too many "conflicting constructional logics." The site specific installation from San Francisco-based IwamotoScott Architects opened on August 8th. A discussion about the Voussoir Cloud will take place this Friday, lead by Eric Owen Moss.

Via SCI-Arc: "Voussoirs, the wedge shaped masonry blocks that make up an arch, are redefined in Voussoir Cloud using a system of three-dimensional modules formed by folding paper thin wood laminate along curved seams. The curvature produces a form that relies on the internal surface tension to hold its shape and allows for a structural porosity within the constraints of sheet material. The resulting dimpled, concave modules pack together; naturally creating vaulted forms with a light porous surface. The form-finding exploration of the whole is thus dependent on the geometric performance of the individual units and their relation to the gallery walls."
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960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013