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CurbedWire: West LA Affordable Housing, More Neighbor Animosity in Hollywoodland

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WEST LA: Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and the LA Housing Dept are hosting a follow up community meeting to discuss a potential affordable housing development at the former site of the West LA Animal Shelter tomorrow. Rosendahl et al at looking for input as well as proposals from developers for the site at Missouri Ave and Bundy Drive. The meeting is at the West LA Municipal Building at 6:30 but no mention of whether or not refreshments will be served. Let's hope there are apple juice and crackers for everyone.

HOLLYWOOD: Why can't people just get along in Hollywoodland? The name implies such a happy, tranquil place. First, everyone hates the Shaws. Now a reader has focused her energy on a house she's certain isn't long for this world and unleashes on the LA Dept of Building and Safety. "Sending this along as the perfect example of LADBS’s complete incompetence. While it may look OK in these photos [above] – upon personal inspection (close is not necessary) – this house was put together with 'spit and a prayer'."

"If you take a look at the permits – they still have not been finaled after many years and there is no Certificate of Occupancy despite the fact that the owner has been living here for quite some time. The house also bears little resemblance to what was recommended by the Hollywoodland Design Review Board and subsequently approved by Planning. Once again – LADBS ignores a legally enacted Specific Plan – not to mention numerous hillside ordinances. The neighbors fully expect this monstrosity to come down in the next shaker."