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BREAKING: Expo Line Must Go Over or Under, But Not Through

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Big news from the Expo Line meeting this morning. Damien Goodmon shoots out another email that offers some surprising news:

At the [Public Utilities Commission] Hearing today on the Expo Line crossings by Dorsey HS and Foshay Learning Center, the assigned Judge Kenneth Koss issued the following statement as part of his ruling: "With the submission of Expo's information it appears that a grade separation at Farmdale is in fact practicable." This means that the street-level application with the holding pen IS OFF THE TABLE! The only options are: a) underpass
b) overpass
c) street closure with a pedestrian bridge.

This a MAJOR VICTORY for the Dorsey High School family - for the future children of Dorsey HS. It validates all of your hard work."

Damien's silence on the issue of Foshay Learning Center leads us to believe that the light rail line can pass at surface level there. More to come, we're sure...
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