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EaterTastings: Reservoir Construction in Silver Lake, Wurstküche Downtown and Is Doughboys Shuttered in Hollywood?

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

[Image of Reservoir, Via Eater LA]

SILVER LAKE: The itty bitty Reservoir is finally progressing on the plywood front, with construction starting up again after a months-long stoppage. The space will hold about 40 customers inside, plus a few tables on the patio. Expect a late-August debut.

DOWNTOWN: You know what the Arts District really needs? A hot beef injection. Luckily, Wurstküche is going to be opening in "phases" at 800 East 3rd Street, with gourmet sausages for takeout, a restaurant, bar and possible nightclub.

HOLLYWOOD: It seems that the Doughboys on Highland Ave, open for less than a year, is shuttered. But rather than the typical Health Dept closure, somehow an owner with a steady, waiting line of customers seems to have gone out of business.