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City Proposal To Keep Neighborhoods TV, Film-Friendly

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With shows like "Ugly Betty" moving to New York from Los Angeles and local production companies filming in New Mexico to cut costs, City Council President Eric Garcetti and other officials want to offer tax credits and create three "enterprise zones" to retain the city's television and film industries. The zones would be Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley and Downtown. But if some downtowners, for example, bitch about all that downtown filming, the sweet spot could be that some buildings could get cleaned up. Via the Daily News' Rick Orlov: "Garcetti said he and Councilman Tom LaBonge believe the city needs to do more to keep productions - and their jobs - in the city. Among proposals to be studied are building electrical plug-ins on streets to avoid the use of large generators, improving the facades of buildings and restoring historical sites." Estimates, according to the paper: A one hour drama shot in Los Angeles generates 720 jobs, $44.2 million in earnings, $880,000 in sales taxes and $2.2 million in state income taxes.
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