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Toll Order

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To please San Gabriel Valley interests, there's a good chance toll lanes may not be in the cards for the 210 freeway, but will instead be moved to the 110, says Los Angeles Times' Steve Hymon. This Spring, the federal government handed LA County over $200 million in buses and rail cars in exchange for implementing congestion pricing (toll roads) on area freeways. Initially chosen for the tolling was the 10 freeway, east of Downtown (which should remain), and the 210 which cuts through the SGV. Mayor Villaraigosa is trying to get SGV bureaucrats to support a half-cent sales tax for transit improvements, but they don't like toll lanes in their backyards and that's a factor in their support for the new tax. To placate them, and their voters, the mayor is pushing to move tolling to the 110, south of Downtown. The ends justify the means. [LA Times]