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Silver Lake Homeowners Can't Cope Without Reservoir

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Finally, somebody is paying attention to the wealthy citizens of Silver Lake. Bloomberg News looks into the deeply troubled minds of Silver Lake homeowners fearful that the city will once again drain the reservoir and replace it with dirt, ruining their views and million dollar home investments. Via Bloomberg:

"One of the reasons we moved to Silver Lake was for the view, which is incredible,'' said Laura Ceron, an actress who plays nurse Chuny Marquez on "ER,'' NBC Universal's long- running hospital drama. "The reservoir is a little paradise. It feels like you are right next to a beach.'' What happens to the body of water when the Dept. of Water and Power stops using the reservoir in 2014 remains unknown. However, Ceron makes a final plea to save the reservoir. "Everything is changing, with the show, the economy, so please don't take my lake away too."
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