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WeHo: You May Now Ride Bikes on the Sidewalks

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The times are a'changin': West Hollywood is set to end its long, but typically unenforced, ban on bicycle riding on city sidewalks, reports the Los Angeles Times' Bob Pool. Referring to WeHo's streets as pedestrian-packed (by LA standards?), Pool points out sidewalk riding will be allowed in areas without bike lanes, and that bikers will be expected to share the cement with walkers. Los Angeles already allows sidewalk biking (except in parts of Venice), Beverly Hills doesn't permit bikes in its business district (Rodeo Drive?), and Santa Monica prohibits them entirely on sidewalks. Also in today's LA Times, a piece on the surge of bicycle purchases in LA; Santa Monica's Cynergy Cycles has seen a 20% uptick in the past month. Sad sidenote: Bike demand was witnessed firsthand by this Curbed editor, whose bike was stolen in broad daylight last week in front of Rosewood Ave., near Western Avenue. Damn thieves cut the bike cord. Via flickr user mike_1630
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