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CurbedWire: Schindler, Neutra, and Ain, Oh My! Midcentury Madness

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MID-CITY: In addition to the upcoming MAK Center/Hammer Lautner tours, there's more midcentury madness coming up. First, the MAK Center is hosting an open house at Schindler's Mackey Apartments as part of a "free community afternoon highlighting the architecture of R.M. Schindler, the Artists and Architects in Residence Program, and the renovation of the Mackey garages." Located on Cochran Avenue, the Mackey Apartments (pictured above) will be open to the public on July 19; also open to the public at the same time, the nearby Dunsmuir Flats, designed by (previously mentioned today) architect Gregory Ain. [Curbed InBox]

SILVER LAKE: Design professional network group de Lab is co-hosting a special fundraiser for the neutraVDL with the Architect's Newspaper. The fundraiser takes place July 17th; all proceeds go to Cal Poly Pomona. For more info contact [Curbed InBox]