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Condors Debated: Tejon Ranch Divides Environmentalists

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When the LA Times and NY Times covered the Tejon Ranch deal---a planned development 60 miles north of Los Angeles--both papers took that tact that environmentalists were happy with the deal. Additionally, Gov. Schwarzenegger's public announcement about the project praised the developer's conservation efforts. But on the day of the announcement, our InBox got hit with emails from a condor group decrying the project, which seemed to buck all that feel-good press coverage. And now the LA Times' Louis Sahagun details the fight among environmentalists over the deal: A group of 11 condor scientists accuse the environmentalist consulting for the developer of "selling the condor down the river" and believe the condors face a "significant threat." Also being attacked is the director of conservation for the Audubon California society. But other environmentalists argue the developer is making efforts to protect the wildlife and state that the alternative was "fighting the development in court for 50 years, project by project..." Meanwhile, at least one environmental group opposed to the project is considering suing.
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