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Ask Curbed: Is There Section 8 Housing On The Westside?

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A kind soul with a big heart is trying to help out a friend and for some reason thinks the libertarians, Paultards, and cranks who populate this site might be able to offer some advice:

"I’ve been helping my friend and her 8 month old daughter look for a 1 bedroom apartment in the Westside since she is a student at SMC, has childcare in the Westside, and doesn’t have a car. She has a section 8 voucher which covers more than enough for the types of places we’ve been looking at. I’ve called over 150 landlords, and have been flatly rejected by nearly all of them. I understand the challenges associated to section 8 (I used to be a social worker) but I’m wondering if it is a lost cause to even continue trying. My friend defies any kind of section 8 stereotype and I know she would be a great tenant." · Ask Curbed: I Need To Unload My Couch [Curbed LA]