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138 Acres Above Hollywood Sign Still Waiting For You

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That brown patch on Cahuenga Peak --right above the Hollywood sign--represents the 138 acre plot that's currently listed for $22 million. The land, which went on sale in February, much to the dismay of local politicians like Tom LeBonge (who had looked into buying the land with conservationists), is zoned for a one family compound or five houses. (In the rendering above, the red dot represents one home). Any offers? "We've had four offers, and they've all been at the listing price or higher," said Ernie Carswell, Teles Properties real estate agent, in a statement to Curbed. Carswell wasn't available for a follow-up to more fully explain whether that means the land is close to being sold or what kind of people these potential buyers are. So! Read into the statement what you will. And it's still listed.
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